Tyler Hoechlin on fanfiction

Karen Gillan at the “Guardians of the Galaxy” photocall on July 25, 2014 in London, England

The Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Bonnie and Damon’s Comic-Con Plea [x]

I’m surprised to see you here, Rory, given what happened. You were left on the mountainside. Yeah, I can’t believe I’m here. Things weren’t looking too good last time I saw myself. (x)

Bellamy Young reacting to her Critics’ Choice nomination (x)

"We live in a society where we kind of want to decide that one woman has to be right and the other has to be wrong. Or that one woman is good and the other woman is bad. And I think, you know, there’s room in this world for more than one fabulously dressed, powerful, smart, sophisticated, complicated woman at the table. There certainly is room for that in our show and I think that’s true in life as well. There doesn’t have to only be one woman. Life is not that limited. There’s not like if Bellamy gets a piece of the pie, I don’t get to have pie. There’s pie for everybody."

Shelley’s reaction to drawings of the cast. (x)